by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

The New Mercedes-Benz SL Grand Edition

At Mercedes-Benz, it has now become a formal custom to launch special 'last edition' versions ahead of the launch of a completely new generation of a specific model. After the CLS Grand Edition was released in early 2009, which meant more than one year and a half in advance of the premiere of the new CLS C 218, it now came the turn of the SL-Klasse to receive the Grand Edition treatment, which includes an exclusive exterior paint job, exquisite appointments for the interior (such as the black leather and aluminium trim) provided by the "designo" division, large-diameter, AMG design alloy wheels and "Grand Edition" metallic labels on the front wings. Based on the previous experience, we shall make a prediction: the future SL R 231 generation could be unveiled in late summer 2012.

Probably, further official details on this limited-edition SL-Klasse will be available shortly. Check out more interesting pictures after the break!

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