by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Teasing the dashboard of the future ML

The image above was probably initially intended to be a good quality one. But, as it shows the dashboard of the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz M-Klasse (W 166) in its final, finished form, the photographer intentionally shook the camera to achieve a trembling result and deliver just slight details of the pictured interior. Even though the appearant teaser shot is everything but revealing, we can see that the instrument board of the future ML has been carefully built, with a keen attention payed to obtaining a high assembly quality by using fine leather upholstery, metal and wood trims on a large scale. In addition, the dashboard is a demonstration of sportiness and dynamism, judging by its impressive lines and shapes, evenly combined with the true, well-known Mercedes-Benz elegant and luxurious style.

Source of the photo >> L'Automobile Magazine

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