by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Ad - The new C 63 AMG Coupe & the SLS AMG Cabriolet featured

We were expecting something big for this weekend's Super Bowl, and boy, it sure is outstanding. The ad Mercedes-Benz will broadcast throughout the NFL (National Football League) show this Sunday is more than astonishing, as the constructor will premiere 4 new impressive models - the new SLK, the new CLS 63 AMG, and now prepare for the best bit: the C 63 AMG Coupe and the mighty SLS AMG Cabriolet. We could say this is more than a just beautiful dream come true, as nobody was even thinking of such a great surprise. Certainly, there'll be more official details coming out on the 6th February, when the Super Bowl event kicks off in the USA. Check out more screen captures from the advertisement after pressing the jump button!

Source of the screenshots >> Mercedes-Benz Passion Blog

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James Hind said...

Interesting to see them use this platform to show the SLS Roadster.

Wonder if they will show a slightly tweaked version of this advert during the Super Bowl, or replay it verbatim.

Apach said...

Correct me if 'm wrong. From the begining: shed SL (W113), museum Gullwing (W198), aand right after 300D Cabrioolet (W189), front of garage SL (R230), forest GLK (X204), sheeps SL (W198), crash test C Klasa (W204), P. Diddy S Klasa (V221), on the street Mercedes-Benz Biome Concept, and right after it Benz Patent Motorwagen, desert Gelenda (W463), iglo GL (X164), crossroads Pullman (W100), view from top S Klasa (V221), Fintail (W111), from behind (with wheel on back) Typ Mannheim Cabriolet (W10), next SL (R107), than Pontona (W120), next 300 SLR (W196S), break SL (W113), and the last one new C Klasss Coupe, SLS, CLS and SLK.

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