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Mercedes-Benz Tourismo with new seats


- Tourismo now supplied with new touring coach seating

Stuttgart, Germany, Mar 22, 2011 – The Mercedes-Benz Tourismo RHD is now available with immediate effect with the company's new Travel Star Xtra (TSX) seats, manufactured in-house. The seats are available in both Softline and Luxline upholstery versions, which were first introduced in the Mercedes-Benz Travego at the IAA 2010.

New generation of touring coach seats

The design of the new seats is both attractive and practical. Aluminium is used for the side trim, for example, providing an overall stylish, high-quality and lightweight finish. Lateral adjustment of the aisle seats and adjustment of the backrest angle is effortless and intuitive, thanks to a large and clearly marked rocker-type switch.

The armrest on the new seats is not only elegantly designed, but also has a generous and ergonomically contoured surface. The very straightforward pivoting mechanism used for folding away the arm rest is a patented design that could hardly be simpler to use. The seat backrests and cushions have also been recontoured. For the first time, the seat cushion rests on a sprung system and can be easily removed for cleaning or repairs.

Modular system allows almost unlimited choice

The optional contrasting top-stitching for the new upholstery allows for a multitude of different combinations of colour, shape and material, resulting in an even more high-quality appearance and the possibility of more individualised appointments. The modular system means that the choices are virtually unlimited. For vehicles used in regular-service operations as well as for excursion travel, the developers have designed both folding cinema-style seats and swivel seats.

A steeper backrest angle in the starting position makes standing up much simpler for passengers. The aisle-side location of seat belt buckles on all seats is a new feature that makes them easier to use for passengers sitting next to the window, whilst also facilitating access for the rescue services in the event of an accident.

The seat frame is based on a lightweight aluminium twin-tube design which, in conjunction with a new mounting for the gas springs, prevents irritating seat vibrations when the bus is driven without passengers on board. The use of lightweight materials has substantially reduced the weight of each double seat. In a 12-metre-long three-star touring coach the reduction amounts to around 70 kg.

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