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The Nordschleife® 24-Hour XL Wristwatch: 24 Hours Are in the Day!

The new stainless-steel wristwatch created by Nordschleife is one very fashionable piece of accessory suitable for both casual and luxury clothing. Compared to other similar products, the XL watch displays all the 24 hours of the day and not just 12 hours, thus making it even easier to find out the exact time.

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24 Hours Are in the Day!
The Nordschleife® 24-Hour XL Wristwatch

24 Hours Are in a Day! This is the perfect reason for the Nordschleife® 24-hour XL wristwatch. Contrary to conventional timepieces this sporty yet elegant watch displays all the 24 hours in the day and not just 12 hours like most conventional analog watches.

The stainless-steel case with mineral glass is as unusual as the black 24-hour face with white numbering for hours and minutes. The hours are arranged differently than on a regular watch. The hour hand points in a different direction than on a conventional watch. A position that would indicate 3 o’clock on a conventional watch stands for precisely 18 (6 pm) o’clock on the Nordschleife® 24-hour wristwatch. With this peculiarity the Nordschleife® 24-hour XL watch is always a great conversation starter!

The white Nordschleife® logo clearly demonstrates the proud watch owner’s soft spot for the world’s toughest racetrack. A black leather armband with silver clasp secures the watch to the owner’s wrist.

The Nordschleife® 24-hour XL wristwatch costs 109 Euros and is available online at .

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ITZNavigator said...

Form follows function. This is not only a fashionable piece of jewelry; it also technically displays the relationships properly with 12 at the top (noon) and 24 at the bottom. The New World Day begins at 12:00AM (midnight) at the International Date Line 180º. At the same instant, it is 12:00PM Noon at the 0º Meridian at Greenwich, which is the beginning of the astronomical day.
d.k. wagner
Z0100~20111003MO@123958PM283429; Intl.Date Line

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