by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

The future is bright for Maybach

Ahead of the formal announcement of the Mercedes-Benz - Aston Martin alliance, new details regarding the future of Maybach have started popping out. It appears that Mercedes-Benz gave a second chance for the luxury brand, whose sluggish sales compared to its direct competitors, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, have provided it an unwanted fame across the world. The German constructor is relying this solid refreshment process on the forecasted growth of markets such as China, Russia or the Middle East in the years to come, which could bring the desired sales success to the uber-premium manufacturer. With the errors of the past being left behind, the ugly duckling could become a beautiful swan, but no earlier than 2015, according to insiders. The new Maybach will spawn no less than five variants, all of which will be developed on the advanced technical platform of the future generation S-Klasse (W 222):

- S57: 5.7 meters
- S62: 6.2 meters (available in 7-seat and Landaulet versions)
- S55: a 5.5-meter 4-dour coupe
- S53C: a 5.3-meter true coupe model inspired by the Exelero concept
- S53A: a cabriolet based on the S53C

Also, all the latest technologies and systems found on the new S-Klasse will make their way onto the high luxury models, but the similarities with the Mercedes-Benz flagship end up here, as Aston Martin, well known for their refined craftmanship, will be in charge of mastering a unique aura for the future Maybach, both inside and outside. The mighty 6.0 litres V12 engine in two power stages could remain the same, although we predict a completely new unit will likely take its place. Moreover, there are plans to introduce a mild hybrid solution as standard feature, to work together with the internal combustion powerplant: a 20 kW electric motor such as in the case of the S 400 HYBRID, that will help lower the fuel consumption level.

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