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Hartmut Schick and UITP Reaffirm Their Commitment


- Schick to focus on sustainable mobility at the UITP
- Daimler Buses signs UITP Charter on Sustainable Development: Integrity and fair competition have priority

Stuttgart/Dubai, Germany/UAE, Apr 13, 2011 – Hartmut Schick, Head of Daimler Buses, who is responsible for Daimler’s global bus business, has been confirmed for another two years as Chairman of the Industry Division of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and thus also a member of the association’s Executive Board. Through his commitment to the UITP, Schick wants to consistently support the positive development of local public transportation and set new standards for environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

“The UITP aims to help double the share of total transport that local public transportation is responsible for by 2025. In my role as a vice president, I consider it one of my duties to consistently support this trend. We will work together to develop sustainable mobility solutions from which everyone will benefit,” says Schick about his work on the UITP’s Executive Board.
At the UITP World Congress in Dubai, Daimler Buses became a full member of the UITP Charter on Sustainable Development.

“One of Daimler Buses’ key tasks resulting from this commitment is the implementation of uniform, transparent business standards that reflect social, ethical, and economic concerns,” says Schick. “Integrity, fair competition, and, above all, fair business practices have top priority in this regard. Daimler Buses is well aware of its social responsibility, which is why it is our declared goal to also be a top performing bus company in the area of social sustainability.”

In the Charter on Sustainable Development, the UITP and its member organizations commit themselves to incorporating the principles of sustainable development as a strategic objective in their business plans and to take on a leading role in the implementation of, and compliance with, these principles. By joining the Charter as a full member, Daimler Buses has committed itself to instituting a series of measures during a certain amount of time.

The UITP represents the interests of more than 380 industrial manufacturers and suppliers from 40 countries. It also serves as a network for public transport authorities and operators, public agencies, scientific institutes, service providers, and industrial companies. The UITP has more than 3,100 members in 90 countries.

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