by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Mercedes-Benz Citaro EEV receives 'Best Bus' Award at the UITP Congress in Dubai

During the UITP Congress in Dubai, Mercedes-Benz Citaro EEV received the 'Best Bus' award. The winning public transport vehicle manufactured in Mannheim was the top choice of over 1000 bus drivers in the world that took part in a survey conducted by the prestigious Busfahrer magazine from Munich. To ensure the best assignment, the jury developed a strict criteria comprising several, key categories to be met: design, level of attractivity, overall image, innovations, safety features, quality of assembly, handling characteristics, versatility, passenger friendliness and driver satisfaction, general opinion of the customers etc. A total of 21 European bus companies took part in the contest and, in the end, the Citaro EEV convinced the audience with top marks in most of the categories listed above. The success is double for Mercedes-Benz, as another model obtained a good performance: the CapaCity took the third position in this competition. Anne Katrin Wieser, chief editor of Busfahrer and Omnibusrevue magazines, handed the 'Best Bus' Award to Michael Göpfarth, managing director of Evobus GmbH.

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