by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: Mercedes-Benz to showcase a cabrio concept car at Shanghai

As earlier reports showed, Mercedes-Benz will present a new concept car hinting at the future generation A-Klasse, at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show. According to recent inside details, the vehicle will be a very fashionable, compact-sized open-top model. However, details are still few at the time and there's no point in starting to make irrelevant presumptions about the concept car. We can only say that, if the public response is positive, a cabriolet version for the new A-Klasse, alongside other variants planned, sounds possible and fesable, in the same way the VISION CLS got the green light for serial production in 2004 after it highly appealed to the audience gathered at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003.

More exact details on the new Mercedes-Benz concept car will emerge in the next period.

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