by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

SPY - 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL-Klasse (R 231)

The upcoming models Mercedes-Benz will launch starting with 2012 will be all about the new design theme mastered by Prof. Gorden Wagener and his team of young and creative artists. The concentrated dynamism, the defined edges and the free interplay of body surfaces it will certainly cause a lot of visual stir and controversy in the automotive industry and will attract many first-time clients to the Stuttgart-based constructor. The pioneer of this new philosophy will be the new A-Klasse, but the future SL-Klasse is also expected to wear similar clothes in terms of overall aesthetics. As shown in the latest bunch of spy photos captured at the Mercedes-Benz R&D Centre in Stuttgart, the roadster will boast a powerful design based on large overhangs, an imposing front fascia dominated by the big LED headlights and the impressive radiator grille inspired by the new SLK and SLS, a very sculptural side profile and a stylish, elegant and toned-down tail end. The R 231 generation prototype pictured in the images has obviously lost some of the initial heavy camouflage, indicating that the final experimental phase is approaching fast. When it's unveiled in the second part of next year, the new SL-Klasse will feature the ultimate advances in drive technology, safety and in-car communication. The modular, biturbo 4.7 litres V8 engine delivering the maximum output of 435 hp will power the SL 500, whereas for the SL 600, an exquisite V12 unit is expected to be developed. Details about the range-topping AMG models have yet to appear, but we can guess the new SL 63 AMG will hide under its bonnet the 5.5 litres twin-turbo V8 capable of up to 571 hp. It is still unclear whether the SL 65 AMG will be axed or not (for the sake of saving the Planet), but in case it gets the green light, then the brutal V12 engine to power the car will be capable of something well over the current 612 hp/1000 Nm figures - early hints were indicating outrageous numbers close to 700 hp for the peak output.

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Source of the photos >> SecretNewCars

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