by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Canadian F1 Grand Prix 2011: Further Saturday Photos (MGP)

Even though you might tempted to say the qualifying results don't do justice for MERCEDES GP PETRONAS, the team's drivers and officials declared the performance obtained after the three sessions was designed in order to preserve as much of the tyres as possible in advance of Sunday's race. The drivers totaled just 14 timed laps during the full qualifying round, but managed to run quick enough in order to ensure their entrance in the next stage. After every driver crossed the finish line, the standings saw Nico Rosberg ending on P6, behind McLaren's Lewis Hamilton, whereas Michael Schumacher is set to start the Canadian Grand Prix from the 8th position on the grid.

Proceed after the break to see more photos captured Saturday at Montréal!

* Official photos courtesy of MERCEDES GP PETRONAS *

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