by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

PREVIEW: Mercedes-Benz aims at BMW X6 with the new MLC

Guns are firmly pointed towards the Bavarian company and Mercedes-Benz is clearly stating its determined message to catch up the lost time. Starting with 2014, a new model will enter the Star's lineup: the MLC will reportedly be marketed as a SUV coupe, the first of its kind in the history of Mercedes-Benz. The new 4x4 vehicle will use the powertrain of the new M-Class, but don't expect eminent offroad capabilities, because the MLC will be street-oriented. The design team led by Prof. Gorden Wagener are met with a difficult challenge: creating the most beautiful coupe aura on a high-sitting car and visually emphasizing the dynamical potency of the future MLC. Don't be fooled by the funny rendition posted above - looks far from promising, we say. Sticking to basics, most probably, Mercedes-Benz will be kind enough to release a concept car serving as a preview sometime ahead of the official unveiling of the serial production car. Oh boy, things are really heating up...

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Photo: Autobild

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Car-tips-deals said...

Looks great the MLC and my opinion is that will exceed in sales the X6 and the Q6........ but i think the Daimler AG release this suv too late.

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