by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: Pied Piper study places Mercedes-Benz in the top spot

The Pied Piper study, which happens annually, looks for the best customer care, from the very moment you enter the car store up to the stage when you are have fully decided to purchase one model, by sending strictly selected survey agents 'disguised' in shoppers at various automotive dealerships across the United States of America. For the third consecutive year, Mercedes-Benz topped the rankings through an impecable sales culture and a well-trained personnel that knows exactly what a client desires and makes it very easy for one to choose the right model that suits him/her best and practically feel like at home when purchasing a car under the Three-Pointed Star brand. In the premium constructors list, Mercedes-Benz was followed by Jaguar that took second place and Lexus on third position, whereas Ford's subsidiary luxury subsidiary, Lincoln, was ranked last in the final standings.

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zumit said...

Well....sweet talk doesn't necessary end with sales. So its a ranking of sweet talk.

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