by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

SPY: The 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class (R 231) scooped in the U.S.

We are now one year ahead of the premiere of the new SL-Class. The R 231 generation is currently being put at hard road tests, in one of the inhospitable region: the Arizona desert, where the scorching heat and the dry atmosphere make the ideal place for the extreme hot weather development phase. The prototype shown in the latest shots has obviously lost some camouflage and it reveals what everybody may have already sensed: the future SL will be an augmented SLK in terms of styling. A clean, unmistakable and elegant design is preferable to daring experiments, even more if we talk about a car with such a high status and impressive heritage as the SL. However, expect more refinement, because this large roadster is targeted to different clients than the SLK. Be sure Mercedes-Benz will fit this model with a tad more ultimate assistance technologies than its little brother. The cabin will be more spacious and will likely receive a premium dashboard inspired by the SLS' wing-shaped one. For admiring the beautiful summer sky, customers will be able to equip the hardtop of their new SL with the MAGIC SKY CONTROL electronically-controlled panorama roof, offered as an option. The bonnet will hide only V6, V8 and possibly V12, as the tradition sais, so output numbers could look like this: 354 hp for the SL 350, 435 hp for the SL 500 and over 550 hp for the SL 600. Also consider the forthcoming SL 63 AMG (571 hp) and SL 65 AMG (over 650 hp) performance models that are bound for a 2013 reveal.

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Photos: SecretNewCars

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