by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

SPY: The (preliminary) dashboard of the future S-Class uncovered

The luxury flagship that thrilled the hearts of car afficionados beginning with early 1950s will be completely renewed in the end of the next year. The W 222 generation of the S-Class will debut at the Mondial de l'Automobile in October 2012 and will mark a major shift in the automotive culture. As always, the premium limousine from Stuttgart will set high standards in every aspect, whether you talk about state-of-the-art technology, quality, safety or performance. If the exterior is still much of a secret, spy photographers managed to capture the first image showcasing the dashboard of the upcoming S-Class. Theoretically, as we think this is only a primary form, used to gather essential data for the ongoing testing programme. The digital instrument cluster and the futuristic display of the forthcoming Human Machine Interface remind of the outrageous F 700 concept uncloaked 4 years ago, at the IAA Frankfurt 2007. This brute shape will however suffer further changes, so the finished product could look very different from the above example, as the interior of the new S-Class will blend together the lines and shapes figured on the F 700 and F 800 concept cars.

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Dan Tole said...

Really any Mercedes-Benz product will be high quality. That's an impressive looking dashboard. I just hope it's not too distracting to the driver...

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