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Mercedes-Benz's commitment to a sustainable future

The mb! Lounge opens its doors at Stuttgart's Schlossplatz Square on 10 August 2011 with a varied programme of events for all the family. The two-storey building is the focal point of the “Stuttgarter Sternstunden” which Mercedes-Benz is staging in Stuttgart up to 14 August to mark the 125th anniversary of the invention of the automobile. For five days, local people from Stuttgart and the surrounding region will be able to mingle with tourists at the mb! Lounge and discover a host of exciting insights into the present and future shape of the Mercedes-Benz brand in an exhibition extending over more than 1500 square metres. Specially designed areas will invite visitors to find out more, to take time out and to engage in discussions on relevant social issues. The themed "explore!", "style!" and "drive & motorsports!" sections are concerned first and foremost with sustainability, new mobility concepts and the young generation.

Various workshops will be available throughout the day, aimed specifically at children and young people aged from five to 20. These workshops form part of the Genius initiative, Daimler's young knowledge community, and will be held in cooperation with the international PANGAEA expedition led by South African adventurer Mike Horn. Topics to be covered in the workshops will include designing an airbag for an egg, generating electricity with the aid of balloons and experimentation with fuel cell technology using model cars, for example. In addition, Young Explorers – participants in the international PANGAEA expedition – will develop measures for the active protection of the environment with those taking part in the workshops. Participation in the workshops will be free of charge. From 25 July 2011, interested children, young people and parents will be able to find out more about the workshops and apply for a workshop place at .

Genius – the holistic educational initiative

Genius is Daimler's young knowledge community and represents the company's holistic educational initiative for children and young people. The initiative pools a wealth of campaigns and measures to afford the young generation valuable insights into sunrise technologies and careers in the automotive industry. Teachers are additionally provided with access to topical issues concerning modern mobility concepts, special training measures and suitable teaching materials. Further information about Genius is available on the internet at .

Young Explorers – dedicated environmental ambassadors

Young Explorers are participants in the PANGAEA expedition led by South African adventurer and visionary Mike Horn. With the PANGAEA, one of the largest expedition sail boats in the world, Horn is putting environmental and social projects into action at twelve sea- and land-based locations throughout the world. He is supported in his tasks by the so-called Young Explorers – young people from all over the world who, like Mike Horn, are actively committed to preserving our world and promoting a sensitive approach to the use of finite resources. In this way, they help to preserve the ecosystem and act as environmental ambassadors for our planet. Further information about the PANAGEA expedition is available on the internet at .

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