by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: The Vision SLA concept comes into focus, could spawn series model

Remember the youthful Vision SLA concept of 2000? Well, it appears Merc execs have remembered it too and plan to uncloak a serial-production roadster based on this showcar in the upcoming years.

If the project is greenlighted, then the open-top should retain the SLA particle in the final title and slot in the Mercedes-Benz range right beneath the SLK. Given the reach portfolio of cabriolets, it is not hard to guess that the new small-sized convertible from Stuttgart will follow the footsteps of its bigger brothers in terms of exterior and interior styling, in addition to receiving its own identity, created starting from the theme of the new A-Class.

As part of the future lineup of compact cars (which already comprises 4/5 versions: a hatchback, an MPV, an SUV, a 4-door coupe and probably a shooting brake), the SLA is supposed to underpin the new Mercedes Frontwheel Architecture platform and the efficient powerplants specially developed for the new A-Class and B-Class variants. So, expect 1.6-, 1.8- and possibly 2.0-litre gasoline and diesel engines to power the little cabrio, with maximum outputs ranging from 109 hp up to 204 hp.

It is shrouded in darkness whether the SLA, scheduled to bow after 2013, will use a hardtop. Judging by the spacial restrictions, we tend to say the cloth roof would be a more suitable alternative in this case, but who knows what the future holds for us.

Source: GoAuto

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