by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Classic car find: a 1955 300 SL Racing with light-alloy bodyshell shows up in California

Between 1954 and 1957, Mercedes-Benz used the Sindelfingen plant to assemble up to 1400 units of the legendary 300 SL Racing (W 198 generation series), 29 of which featured a lightweight construction composed of an alloy body. Almost all of these motoring masterpieces built specifically during 1955 have been traced so far, except for one: the chassis no. 21. Until yesterday, when it was found out that a team of experts managed to discover the missing vehicle stored in a barn in Santa Monica, California.

The property belongs to Rudi Koniczek, who owns the restoration shop "Rudi & Company". The 300 SL of 1955 was destined for a major repair, but somehow the process stuck at a moment and the car remained forgotten under piles of dust and partially dismantled. Koniczek bought the vehicle from the initial owner, Tom Wellmer, and now plans to completely restore the impressive looks and performance of this tremendous classic racing car. The modifications will include upgrades to the braking and suspension systems, as well as a tweaked engine for obtaining a higher output. It also appears the revamped 300 SL with light-alloy shell already has a buyer, even though the restoration is yet to begin. This speaks pretty much of how passionate the client is and, nonetheless, shows this gullwing's special, imposing aura dominated by a prestigious history.

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