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The Mercedes-Benz F 125! research vehicle: Interior design - Cockpit with a lounge-like atmosphere

The interior likewise impresses with its futuristic, high-quality atmosphere. The design lines are innovative, and follow the examples of nature. Wood, Alcantara and silk are alternately entwined. The lines and contours vary from taut and sinewy to wave-like and dynamic and are constantly in flux. Light-coloured wood plays a central role in the decor, and extends throughout the interior. The minimised, formally integrated controls are everywhere incorporated into this natural material.

The centre console formally emerges from the dashboard and curves around the driver. The large star in the steering wheel forms the central core from which three wide, wooden spokes extend. The generous interior dimensions are similar to those of a current long-wheelbase S-Class, though the exterior dimensions are more akin to the E-Class.

Moreover, the interior of the F 125! combines two contrasting and highly emotional characteristics: while the cockpit has a very sporty and driver-oriented design, the rear opens up as an extremely relaxing lounge area. These contrasts are visually underlined by a varied colour scheme: dark in the front left and light in the right rear.

New dimension of comfort in the rear

The interior concept of the F 125! makes central brand values such as driving pleasure and ride comfort directly tangible. The intentionally chosen, pronounced asymmetry – the interior is not divided between front and rear in the usual way, but between the left and right halves – reflects the different form of use. Using switches in the centre console and rear door area, the rear seat backrest can be moved from upright to a chaise-longue position: the seat cushion extends forwards and a footrest folds out to provide a very comfortable resting position.

At the same time the front passenger seat is pushed forwards, which provides even more generous spaciousness in the rear and allows a clear view of the 17-inch display in the front passenger area. This is fully controlled by hand-gestures.

The shape of the F 125! was created in close collaboration between the technical research and development departments, as well as the Advanced Design Studios in Sindelfingen and Carlsbad/USA. The trailblazing interior was developed at the Mercedes-Benz Design Centre in Como, Italy.

Source: Daimler AG

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