by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: Mercedes-AMG responsible for several technical bugs on its V8s, could abide legal action

Lately, it was discovered that Mercedes-AMG might be in a quite embarrasing situation due to possible problems that might affect the M156 6.2-litre V8 powerplant. The issues were already detected as early as 2007, but appear to have been constantly ignored since then.

To put it straight, the materials used for building certain components of the engine are incriminated because it was found out that they could eventually be suffering from premature deterioration and thus putting at risk the proper functioning of the entire unit. Precisely, the nodular iron camshafts have been clearly incriminated in this case, as they might not work in conjunction with 9310-grade steel valve lifters. One customer has already complained the V8 powerplant installed on his leased, pre-owned E 63 AMG broke up, which meant more than $ 25,000 were spent on service repairs and on covering the loss of value of the car.

This issues have been reported back in 2007 in an internal service bulletin of Daimler, but AMG engineers postponed a solution to the uncovered errors and, in this way, they basically spread across the entire range of products trimmed in Affalterbach, excluding the V12-powered models.

As a conclusion, Mercedes-AMG might be facing some serious legal difficulties if the judge decides to start a class-action lawsuit against the German company, offering a clear path for other clients experiencing similar failures on their AMG models to make themselves heard in justice.

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