by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

CLASSIC: Rusty 1960 300 SL finds a new owner in Greece for... 405k euros

The pictured Mercedes-Benz is 1960-assembled 300 SL Cabriolet model which was owned by racing fanatic Kriton Dilaveri. After his death in 1972, the straight-six-engined vehicle was left all alone in a car park in the Greek city of Piraeus. Decades passed and recently, the mayor Vassilis Michaloliakos decided it was time to find this car a new owner. Although a bit rusty after so many years spent outside, this legendary 300 SL was actually in a very decent state. And what better way to raise interest on it if not organising an official auction? Clients were numerous, but Rajna Hildebrandt impressed the audience with her powerful desire to acquire this old piece of automotive history. So determined she was that she advanced a final price of €405,000, enough to ensure the Merc will arrive inside her garage. Hats off to this wonderful, passionate lady!

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