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Winter time with Mercedes-Benz: Heading to the slopes (III)

Accessories for the cold season: Protection against slush and peace and quiet in the back

Anyone who lives in areas where the snow stays put or who regularly heads for the mountains for winter sports appreciates the perfectly fitting Classic all‑weather mats available from Mercedes-Benz for most model series. They are made of robust, washable plastic designed for heavy-duty use, and with their deep sections and raised edges reliably protect fine foot well carpets. The mats are available in various colours and secured against slipping by the original fastening system.

The same protection, for example against the snow melting off ski boots, is offered by boot tubs made of impact-resistant polypropylene. They are also available for many model series from Mercedes-Benz and feature a honeycomb structure for locating the separately available stowage box. Some of the tubs also enable the practical Velcro-type fastening of the concertina load-sill guard. The guard protects the sill area from scratching during loading – and keeps dirt on the vehicle off one's clothing.

To make sure nothing gets out of place and order prevails in your luggage compartment on the way to your winter holiday destination, Mercedes-Benz offers different storage organising systems. New in the M-Class is a plug-in module with telescopic rod for flexibly dividing the boot to prevent cargo sliding around. Depending on model series and intended as a complement to the shallow boot tub there is the stowage box. It securely holds objects which might otherwise tip over or slide and can be divided into maximum four sections with adjustable partitioning elements.

For the Easy-Pack load-securing kit practical concertina bags are available. The folding, removable bags made of robust, washable nylon provide a secure hold for purchases or winter sports accessories. The bags simply are attached by clips to the side mounting rails of the load-securing system. The concertina bags can also be attached to the plug-in module with an extension.

Entertainment systems: arrive relaxed

A winter holiday trip sometimes can take time, testing the patience of children seated in the rear, which of course puts a strain on the nerves of parents. For aftermarket installation Mercedes-Benz offers various entertainment systems that will help make the time fly.

The very latest in mobile entertainment is the iPad Rear Seat Integration Plus: passengers in the back can very easily use the Apple iPad® as an entertainment centre in a great many models; internet access also is possible in vehicles with an InCar Hotspot. Watch films, while away the time with games or surf in the World Wide Web: a crash-proof mount for the Apple iPad 1® or the Apple iPad 2®, fitted behind the front head restraints, makes this possible. The iPad Rear Seat Integration Plus can be tilted and turned 90 degrees to each side. This comfortable docking station brings the Apple iPad® with all its usual functions into any Mercedes-Benz in an ergonomic way. All connections are accessible. Moreover, thanks to the connection to the on-board power supply the battery can be charged using the separate Apple data cable via integrated USB interface.

The alternative is the Rear Seat Entertainment System. The elegant DVD system puts DVD videos, your favourite pictures and video games on two brilliant 17.8 cm colour monitors without distracting the driver or restricting the view to the rear. Other storage media can be used via AV-IN port, USB interface and SD card interface. The monitors can be removed from their mounts with a click and can be used outside the vehicle too with the 230 V/12 V power supply unit delivered with them. The Rear Seat Entertainment System is delivered with two infrared headsets and radio remote control; it is also available as a single-monitor set. A separately available video cable enables the playback of video and image files from external sources. In the M-Class an individual program makes separate video playback (optional) on the two monitors possible – thanks to a separate DVD player.

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