by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

LEAKED: The new R 231 generation of the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class breaks cover

And here we have it, ladies and gentlemen: the new Mercedes-Benz has managed to reinvent itself without losing the powerful heritage it caries. If one had doubts over the design of the roadster, it is now very clear it boasts a powerful and organic styling language highlighted through the aggresive one-slat front grille, the polygonal headlights, the clean profile and the curvaceous rear end - all in all, a very balanced, well proportioned and unmistakable presence. The elegant SL is lighter than the outgoing R 230 series thanks to the extensive use of aluminium, which decreased the overall weight of the car by up to 140 kilograms. The technologycal advances it brings further enlighten the SL's role as a decisive pioneer and leader in its class. At the start of sales, the roadster will be put in motion by two units: the 3.5-litre DI V6 with 306 hp for the SL 350 and the 4.7-litre TT V8 with 435 hp for the SL 500. Later in 2012, the SL 63 AMG with up to 571 hp will follow, whereas in 2013, the high end SL 600 and SL 65 AMG versions equipped with the new biturbo V12 engine with up to 640 hp are tipped for the official unveiling. What a nice way to celebrate 60 years of prestigious for the "Sport Leicht" lineup, isn't it? :)

More exact details and HR images will be available in the official press release to be issued in the morning of 15th December 2011. Stay tuned to Mercedes-Benz-Blog!

Enjoy more leaked press and brochure pictures of the new SL-Class after the break!

Photos: GermanCarForum

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