by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: The upcoming ML 500 is a forbidden fruit for Europe

Shocking as it may sound, this surprising and totally unexpected move by Mercedes-Benz was reportedly recently confirmed by a company press officer, who stated that the Stuttgart-based carmaker will no longer offer the new ML 500 version of the W 166 generation on the European market. Slated to arrive in 2012, the V8-powered SUV boasting up to 408 BHP will appearantly be launched only in the USA, as Mercedes-Benz wants to apply a "clean & efficient" image to the M-Class for customers in Europe. In conclusion, the only alternative for a high-end ML remains the newly unveiled ML 63 AMG, which is certainly pricier than a hypothetical ML 500 would be. We pray the Germans will think better of their radical decision, if in the end, it comes out true.

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Anonymous said...

Remember when the current E-Class came out, they said no need for a de-tuned 3.0 Litre diesel (300 CDI), the 250 CDI would fill that gap, yet 6 months later along came a 300 CDI, Marketing got it wrong and they changed, so maybe this time as well.


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