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Guest Post: Four Reasons I Drive a Mercedes-Benz

As a child, my parents only purchased Mercedes-Benz cars. This could be why I am so smitten with the brand; it’s in my blood. However, I believe I also have a true fascination and respect for the craftsmanship behind these cars. After years of driving other car brands, I finally took the plunge and purchased my own Mercedes-Benz. I haven’t looked back.

Why do I believe Mercedes-Benz is the single greatest automobile producer in the world?

- Safety: The number one reason why I drive a Mercedes-Benz. They invented the crumple zone and many other innovations which several other car manufacturers are now copying. It’s safe to say that Mercedes-Benz is a leader in car safety. With new features like the PRE-SAFE system, DISTRONIC PLUS, ATTENTION ASSIST and Blind Spot and Lane Keeping Assistance, your car now senses when danger is near and either notifies or assists you in preventing an accident. Truly amazing!

- Looks: It’s undeniable; all Mercedes-Benz body styles are designed to be pleasing to the eye. Elegant and classy, their automobiles are all miraculously timeless.

- Power: I love a car that is safe yet powerful. I am even more in love with a car that can be powerful yet efficient. My Mercedes-Benz is equipped with a 201-hp 1.8L turbo-4 which purrs nicely but only uses about 21 mpg in the city.

- Commitment: You won’t find a car that will last longer. I owned my last Mercedes-Benz for eight years before trading it in. When I traded it, I had experienced no major problems with the car, it still looked great and it held its value very well. I could have kept it longer, but I wanted a new vehicle style.

Most importantly, Mercedes-Benz lovers know these are the greatest automobiles, because the brand has been given a reputation for being sexy and sophisticated; something everyone wants to be associated with.

Guest Post by Lori Hutchison

Lori Hutchison is a teacher and also owns the site Masters in Teaching. In her spare time, she enjoys writing guest blog posts on various topics about life.

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I have loved Mercedes Benz most of my life as well. My first real thought about it was the MB on the TV show Dallas. It stayed on my mind often. At 40 I found an dead 450 SL and brought it back to life. The best part was I was able to enjoy time with my dad as he helped me every weekend on the car. Father and son project. Best times for both of us. Once on the road I received a recall notice and took it to the local MB store in Augusta, GA. The work required several days there so they let me drive a loaner car. A few days in that C class was all it took. Now my wife has a new c class. I appreciate everything you said and then some. Great Post. Eric

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