by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Mercedes History Concept: Péter Várdai creates an astonishing piece of art

The talented, Hungarian designer Péter Várdai e-mailed us today (thank you very much!) to announce he finished work on another outstanding work of art. This time, he successfully managed to embody all the iconic stylistic influences that became an icon for Mercedes-Benz throughout its entire history - especially those found on the racing cars from the golden motorsporting era of the 1930s: the Silver Arrows. By means of visual analysis, what made them so attractive is the fact they did carry many interesting aircraft-inspired elements in their aerodynamic design. His latest project, the 'Mercedes History Concept' statue, symbolizing the Three-Pointed Star, pays tribute to the 125 years of automotive excellence and refinement behind the German automotive manufacturer. We can only be proud that such passionate personalities as Péter Várdai never stand still and continue to impress the world! Sincere congratulations and hats down for such a magnificent achievement!

See more impressive photos and a presentation video of the Mercedes History Concept after pressing the jump button!

Credits: Péter Várdai | Várdai Design Studio

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