by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: Mercedes-Benz supposedly prepping exquisite S-Class four-dour cabrio

Dr. Uwe Ernstberger, project leader for the future S-Class coming out the end of 2012, announces interesting times for Mercedes-Benz beginning with the launch of the new generation of the luxury limousine. In a recent interview to What Car, he declared that: 'We want to broaden the range of the S-Class and we'll have additional variants of that car. The next generation gets a lot of technical features that allow it to improve in extreme ways, so in a way, we need to broaden the range to accommodate that. We can go in more directions with it.' So, it seems the German constructor plans to expand the S-Class lineup with new variants, apart from the SWB and LWB model. We are talking about a coupe replacing the current CL, a Pullman-entitled extended wheelbase saloon to fill the gap left by the discontinuation of the Maybach brand and, lately suggested, a four-dour cabriolet based on the Ocean Drive Concept of 2007. According to latest hints, all of the new S-Class niche versions have already been approved for serial production and are set for reveal starting with 2014.

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