by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: New AMG-branded SLV supercar to bow later this year

It appears this year will mark the premiere of the first solely AMG-branded sports vehicle - so no Mercedes-Benz star on this one. We found out the new supercar is slated to appear towards the end of 2012 and be slotted below the SLS AMG. According to initial reports, the new model from Affalterbach will wear the SLV title, with the last letter hinting at various variants of the car, like a coupe and a cabriolet and who knows what else. There's hardly any clue about the construction of the upcoming model, but we guess AMG engineers will focus on downsizing in order to improve stability, handling and overall performance. Most probably, the SLV won't get a V8 under its bonnet, but likely a new, supercharged V6 unit rated at over 350 hp. The strange thing is that, up to now, nobody has ever seen at least an intriguing test mule to sustain the beliefs about the new AMG supercar debuting later this year.

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