by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

SPY: First-ever shots of the future 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W 205)

These images come as a nice and unexpected surprise: Mercedes-Benz Research & Development Department have already started work on the future generation of the C-Class (W 205).

The vehicle you see in the spy pics is in fact a test mule for the new medium class model - even though the exterior body comprises parts of the current W 204 C-Class and some design cues of the next generation carefully hidden under camouflage, the underpinnings together with all the secret innovations installed underneath the bodyshell are certainly fully belonging to the W 205. As it's still early for the 2014 C-Class, details are scarce: we do know the new generation will mark a design revolution, heavily influenced by the F 800 Style showcar. General dimensions will go up a bit, to improve passenger comfort, versatility, luggage space and make room in the portfolio for the announced sub-C-Class models. Furthermore, technical novelties could include a new series of powerful and frugal engines, as well as a new rear-wheel-drive platform with better dynamic capabilities and more high-end communication and safety technologies, that are to be partly borrowed from the upcoming S-Class (W 222), expected for late 2012. We are guessing the whole development phase for the W 205 C-Class will take more than two years, so the new generation might be ready for launch in mid 2014.

Image Credits: Autowereld

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