by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Early Reveal: New Mercedes-Benz A-Class uncovered during photo shootout

It has already been confirmed that the all new generation A-Class is scheduled for the official debut in March, at the Geneva Motor Show. Right at this time, Mercedes-Benz are busy with doing the neccesary press materials suitable for the launch. One of the favourite locations, frequently used in this situations, is the Lanzarote island, located in the Canary Archipelago near Spain. During a photo shootout, a group of bikers from OGOTT went past the film crew and thanks to the fact one of them had a versatile HD camera mounted on his bicycle that was recording action, he managed to capture the first glimpse of a fully uncovered series A-Class model. Even though no one was expecting, the W 176 visually resembles the Concept A-Class quite a lot. The powerful and stylish front fascia, completed by the LED headlamps, the AMG sports package and the hi-tech radiator grille with perforated effects, will certainly represent the centrepoint of attraction.

Check out the entire video after the break!


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