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Jerez F1 Test 2012: Complete 3-Day Report (MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS)

The sharp sound of F1 engines broke the silence of the Jerez circuit on the morning of 7th February and thus the first official test prior to the 2012 season got underway. Most of the teams have already unveiled their new contenders for this years, so they were evaluating the new packages developed during winter. MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS attended the Jerez session with a slightly modified MGP W 02 single-seater, the car the German-British team used during 2011. Certain new components were fitted to the car for an initial evaluation, but the main focus was understanding the new tyre compounds Pirelli have developed for the 2012 F1 season. Apart from Tuesday, MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS topped the timesheets in the last two days, with the officials and drivers feeling pleased about the valuable knowledge regarding the tyres they gathered during the three days. A new series of tests is programmed for Barcelona, on Circuit de Catalunya between 21st and 24th February, where MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS will introduce their new F1 W 03 car.

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MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS began its 2012 testing programme in Jerez today, using the team´s 2011 car, the MGP W02.

- Nico tested during the morning while Michael was in the car for the afternoon
- Both drivers completed a set-up programme which focused on learning about the behaviour of the 2012 Pirelli tyres
- The reliable 2011 car also allowed the team to accumulate valuable mileage on a number of test items for the 2012 season

Michael will continue the test programme tomorrow, with Nico in action again on Thursday.

Nico Rosberg
“We made a very good start to our testing programme today and completed 56 laps this morning. I was driving the 2011 car, so it felt comfortable straightaway. We tested some different things in perfect weather conditions and started learning about the 2012 Pirelli tyres and how they work. I was really happy to be out on track in my Mercedes and I know that, back at the factory, our development of the new car is running according to our plan.”

Michael Schumacher
“After a long break, it feels terrific being back in the car and hitting the circuit again. Our main job was to get a first impression of the tyres for 2012 and to start understanding them. They feel like a step forward, more consistent and comfortable to drive, and the biggest difference is with the rear tyre. Thanks to everybody at Pirelli for their good job this winter. Let´s see what we can learn tomorrow.”



Michael Schumacher was at the wheel of the MGP W02 today for the second day of this week’s test in Jerez, completing a total of 132 laps of the Spanish circuit.

- The morning´s programme focused on comparisons and evaluation of the soft and hard compound Pirelli tyres
- Michael then concentrated on a set-up programme with the new tyres in preparation for the debut of the 2012 car in Barcelona.

Nico Rosberg will take over the car tomorrow for the team´s final day of testing in Jerez.

Michael Schumacher
“We made the most of a reliable car today to do lots of laps and learn a lot about the new Pirelli tyres, and how they perform on longer and shorter runs, and with different set-up configurations. It was a good and productive test, full of lots of useful information for the season ahead, and I am now looking forward to driving our 2012 car for the first time at the next test.”



MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS concluded its test programme in Jerez today with Nico Rosberg at the wheel of the MGP W02.

- Nico completed a programme aimed at furthering the team´s understanding of the 2012 Pirelli tyres, similar to Michael yesterday
- He completed 118 laps which also allowed the team to put more mileage on 2012 development items on the car
- The team completed 1541 kms this week, gathering comprehensive knowledge of the new tyres with varying set-ups and fuel loads

The team’s 2012 car, the F1 W03, will make its public test debut on Tuesday 21 February in Barcelona.

Nico Rosberg
“I’m happy with the testing that we have achieved here in Jerez, and we learned a lot about the Pirelli tyres and a few other things for the new car. It seems that the tyres are closer performance-wise this year, with the rear tyres also looking a bit stronger. Pirelli have done a good job so far. You can’t really compare the lap times with other teams, but it was interesting to learn a lot with our 2011 car. Now I’m really looking forward to the two Barcelona tests with our new Silver Arrow.”

Ross Brawn
“We have had a productive and busy three days in Jerez this week running the MGP W02 car for the final time. Simultaneously the final preparations have been taking place back at the factory for the first test with our 2012 car in Barcelona. Michael and Nico have been able to complete some valuable mileage this week, and enhanced our understanding of the new season’s Pirelli tyres which will prove very useful once the new car in is on track.”


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