by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Outlining the future of the automobile: The Mercedes-Benz 2015 model offensive

The expansion of the model portfolio is an integral and crucial part of the Mercedes-Benz 2020 Growth Strategy, which aims to settle the German carmaker as world's no. 1 premium constructor. In the first part, the plan includes the addition of at least 10 new models to the range by 2015 in all classes: compact, mid-size, full-size, large and SUV. Most of these future vehicles are niche variants that help Mercedes-Benz explore the clients' desires and offer attractive automotive choices that meet all the demands and fill every possible market gap.

In the compact class, Mercedes-Benz will soon launch the all new A-Class hatchback (W 176). Following closely after, we'll see the advent of a niche model: the CLC-Class 4-door coupe (C 117), which will spawn a CLC Shooting Brake version in 2013 (X 117). Towards 2014, the Stuttgart-based carmaker will launch the GLC crossover (W 156) in both FWD and 4MATIC variants. Also possible for addition are an A-Class 2-door Coupe (C 176??) and an A-Class Cabriolet (A 176??), that, if approved for series production, could hit streets by 2015 and 2016.

In the medium class, Mercedes-Benz plans to add two new models to the popular C-Class W 205 generation, scheduled for 2014. So, apart from the Limousine, T-Modell and Coupe version, the lineup will also comprise a C-Class Cabriolet (A 205??) and a C-Class Sports Tourer (V 205??) that are to be unveiled during 2015.

In the full-size segment, the German automotive manufacturer will premiere the CLS Shooting Brake (X 218), but another possibility is a new E-Class Sports Tourer (V 213??) to replace the current R-Class, but only after 2015.

The large-size class will gather a new range of high-luxury models based on the forthcoming S-Class (W 222) arriving late this year. During 2013 and 2014, Mercedes-Benz will start launching the S-Class Coupe (C 222??), the new S-Class with long-wheelbase dubbed XL (V 222??), the high-end S-Class Pullman (X 222??) and the future S-Class 4-door Cabriolet (A 222??). Previously emerged hints also suggested the 2015 reveal of a large S-Class 4-door Coupe version, but that rumor sounds fairly unlikely to come true one day.

Last, but not least, the Mercedes-Benz SUV class will grow with an SUV Coupe model entitled MLC (C 292) prone to be release by the end of 2014 and assembled at the Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA facility, where the Stuttgart-based constructor is already producing the GL-, the ML- and the R-Class.

Note from editors: The details contained in this article are partly real and partly speculative, as they are based on reports that appeared in the last two-three years. The image you see above is part of an official and public document of Daimler AG (see HERE). The notes for each new model were made by ourself. As we can not entirely ensure the accuracy of the information we have, we used the "??" mark to signal this fact.

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