by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

PREVIEW: The E-Class (W 212) prepared for a profound facelift in 2013

Mercedes-Benz management continues the plans to attract new, younger clients towards the Three-Pointed Star with the unveiling of a massively rehauled E-Class beginning with 2013. The business limousine is scheduled to become more attractive through a new and far more dynamic design.

Although the overall dimensions will be kept untouched, the front and rear ends are bound to receive some major make-ups. The front fascia will get a pair of new headlights: no more quad architecture, but single-piece lights fitted with LED technology. The radiator grille will inspire a solid feel thanks to its impressive size and the "V" angulation, whereas the bumper is also destined to undergo a visual change. The 'Ponton' crease will fly away from the sides and the tail lamps will be refreshed as to meet the demands of the new design package. Not long ago, a W 212 prototype with minor upgrades was spotted, but most probably, more is to come this year. Test vehicles for the 2013 E-Class should hit streets very soon.
Image Credits: Autobild

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