by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

PREVIEW: New computer illustration sheds light on future Mercedes-Benz CLC (C 117)

New Mercedes-Benz CLC compact 4-door coupe comes in spring 2013 as part of the German constructor's model offensive started with new B-Class people-carrier and the soon-to-be-released A-Class hatchback. The new CLC-Class will be underpinned by Merc's new modular front-driven platform, the MFA, and will make use of company's latest low-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. As the Stuttgart-based carmaker has gathered precious knowledge with two generations of 4-door coupes, the CLS is expected to influence the general styling of its little brother. However, the design philosophy to be applied to the CLC is 180-degree different: the Ponton-like crease on the rear wing will be gone forever and the side profile will be cleaner and more elegant, just like the first generation CLS (C 219). The accent will be put on creating a more balanced, progressive look, strictly defined by an array of unique, intricately sketched exterior details, that help create a distinctive aura for the new CLC. Level of accuracy for this rendition: we say over 60 percent.

Image: WorldCarFans

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