by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

SPY: The 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK (X 205) starts taking shape - first test mule scooped

Strange enough, Mercedes-Benz is currently testing two different generations of the same model: the GLK facelift of the X 204 model series and the future GLK, codenamed X 205. The second generation, scheduled for release sometime in 2015, is already having the first outing in Northern Scandinavia, where snow and ice dominate the picturesque landscapes.

In this early stage of development, a test mule is being used, as the real car is yet to be finished design-wise: hidden under the body of the current GLK are the new chassis and components that make the X 205 series. You can easily depict the vehicle as having a modified radiator grille, a humpier engine bonnet, some revised protection shields underneath, as well as a longer wheelbase and a wider track, with all four wheels visibly moved towards the extremities of the car.

Having seen this initial scoops, one has to take into consideration the future GLK will grow in size and be repositioned in the lineup as to make room for the anticipated GLC crossover, which is based on the new A-Class/B-Class models. Most probably, the styling will undergo a serious rehaul so that the car would look more dynamic and appealing to young customers. The powertrain, coming courtesy of the 2014 C-Class (W 205 generation), is expected to deliver better capabilities both on-road and off-road, whereas the engine lineup will certainly be enriched with more efficient, yet powerful units, and probably some alternative drives such as hybrid or electric. We should some design hints on the 2015 GLK as we approach 2014, when the test prototypes will lose most of the outer and inner camouflage and, possibly, Mercedes-Benz will launch a concept showcar to give us a better preview.

Image Credits: Motor Authority

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