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Mercedes-Benz launches media campaign for the new SL Roadster: former tennis player Boris Becker as "outsider" in the new TV ad

Under the slogan "The new SL. Athlete. Esthete.", Mercedes-Benz starts on 12th March 2012 the media campaign for the sixth generation of its legendary luxury sports car. Various print ads in elegant monochrome look and an unusual TV ad in black and white starring Boris Becker put the key message in the spotlight: the SL is the perfect epitome of cultivated sportiness.

Check out the new SL-Class advertisement >> HERE

"The new campaign focuses on what the new SL is: the perfect fusion between a luxury coupe and a dynamic sports roadster," says Anders Sundt Jensen, Vice President Brand Communications at Mercedes-Benz Cars. "No other vehicle has reached a cult status as the SL and the new generation is even more convincing as a synthesis of exquisite comfort, refined sportiness and fascinating open-air driving pleasure."

The 44-second TV spot "Voice-over" is a humorous approach to the extraordinary performance of the new SL. The focus is on the all-aluminum body, which gives the premium roadster unparalleled dynamism and a significant decrease in the overall weight compared to its predecessor. As a passenger, Boris Becker enjoys the ride on a winding coastal road. Full of enthusiasm, he counts out loud the technical highlights of the SL: "V8 Biturbo, ..., from 0 to 100 in just 4.6 seconds, ..., full-aluminum body, 125 kilograms lighter than its predecessor" Annoyed, the driver slams on the brakes and invites the tennis legend to get out of the car. Surprised, Becker looks after the roaring SL and notes enviously: "And now, another 90 kilograms lighter...".

The focus of the print ads is the combination of luxury and feeling roadster, which is highlighted by the monochrome-look campaign in a particular way. Various motifs direct the SL in an urban environment, mediated by the photographic perspective which denotes vastness and pleasure to drive. Both the vehicle and the environment are uniformly decorated in fine silver gray, broken only by the red tail lights, black-tinted windows and a yellow element in the urban architecture.

Another component of the communication campaign is the SL Bodywork app, which will be available for download starting end of March, after the market launch of the luxury roadster, on, in the App Store and Android Market. The app offers the user, independent of time and place, a personalized fitness training programme in the areas of strength, endurance and stability.

The campaign was developed by the creative agency Jung von Matt / Alster and Jung von Matt / Spree. The TV spot was produced by Radical Media and directed by Christian Alby. Igor Panitz was the photographer of the print ads.
Credits: Daimler AG

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