by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Mister Mercedes stays for another 3 years

The Board of Management of Daimler AG has extended the contract of Dr. Joachim Schmidt as Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars until 09/30/2015.

Dr. Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars: "Dr. Joachim Schmidt has realigned sales and marketing and thus set the course for sustainable growth in sales. He represents the Mercedes-Benz brand like no one else. We are delighted that he joins our management team for another three years."

Dr. Joachim Schmidt has been a member of the Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales and Marketing, since October 2009. In this function, he is also responsible for the management of global and national affiliates as well as of the "Sales & Marketing Executive Committee", which consists of sales and marketing heads of all automotive businesses.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt was born in Sindelfingen, Germany, on September 7, 1948. He studied mathematics at the University of Stuttgart, where he earned a doctorate in 1976. Dr. Schmidt began his career at Daimler-Benz AG in 1979, where he served as main team leader in car development.

Credits: Daimler AG

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