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Rock solid: A Mercedes-Benz 190 D model from UK celebrates a major milestone

While travelling on the M40, a journey it has done literally hundreds of times, Mr & Mrs Lipscomb’s 20 year old Mercedes-Benz 190D 2.5 reached a significant milestone – 250,000 miles – and what an interesting journey it’s been.

Now living in Farnham Common, Mr & Mrs Lipscomb previously lived and travelled throughout Europe in their Mercedes-Benz 190D. Over the years the sturdy car had a tow bar fitted to tow Mrs Lipscomb’s horse box to various locations across the country. Still used on a daily basis around town, the 190D also frequently travels to and from the New Forest (nearly a 200 mile round trip).

Mr & Mrs Lipscomb have been loyal customers of Hughes of Beaconsfield for over 45 years and bought their first Mercedes in 1975. They purchased the Mercedes-Benz 190D from new at Mercedes-Benz of Beaconsfield in 1992 and have been back every year since to regularly maintain it and keep it running in tip top condition.

Mr Lipscomb said “We have built a great rapport with the service team here at Beaconsfield, and over the year’s characters such as Fred Greenwood and Raj Silva have taken great care of both our car and us.”

Since the introduction of the 190 in 1982 – the progenitor of today’s C-Class - the Mercedes-Benz compact saloon has been one of the most innovative and best-selling models in the company’s range. With over 8.5 million models sold over the last 29 years, its success has been rooted in delivering Mercedes-Benz core values of peerless engineering, understated styling, cutting edge technology and four-season dependability. The 190D is well known for its extreme reliability and ruggedness doing many miles without any major work.

“At the time the 190D was the best car around for our needs and it has been totally reliable ever since. We have always found Mercedes-Benz to be the first to have the best technology, one of our favourites was the introduction of air-conditioning!” said Lipscomb.

When asked for their tips on keeping such a reliable and well looked after car they advised “we always look after our car by keeping to the vehicles service intervals and taking it to a dealer that knows it the best. We also keep our car protected from the elements in a garage as much as possible and drive carefully.”

Louise Jenkins, Mercedes-Benz of Beaconsfield Service Manager comments “it is a pleasure to look after Mr & Mrs Lipscomb and their vehicles including the 190D. We look after many young classics and it is exciting to help them get to 250,000 miles and beyond. We are determined to help keep these classics on the road so our customers can enjoy them for many years to come.”

Credits: Mercedes-Benz UK

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