by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

VIDEO: The new B-Class F-CELL is invisible to the environment

After you watch this video, you might be tempted to believe in the art of the perfect camouflage. And that should not be a strange feeling: the new B-Class F-CELL is practically invisible to the environment, as the only emissions it exhausts are harmless water vapors, thus ensuring perfect compatibility. Sticking to serious stuff, Mercedes-Benz collaborated with photo experts from Canon to create this amazing promotional material. The car simply vanishes into the landscape as it is equipped with a set of powerful, professional cameras on the right side, that accurately read the image they get and consequently transpose it to the LED panels fitted on the left side of the vehicle. After this experiment, Mercedes-Benz plans to approach the next step: make the B-Class F-CELL fully invisible through ultimate digital technology. As in this case, Canon will be there to lend a helping hand. Hit play and enjoy!

Video Credits: Mercedes-Benz TV

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