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The Mercedes-Benz Eyewear Collection Spring/Summer 2012: Eye-catching fashion!

The Mercedes-Benz Eyewear Collection is right on trend with the very latest semi-transparent colours. For example, models in the 2012 spring/summer season are available with sides and rims in expressive red and trendy teal, while timeless hues such as grey, black and brown also remain available.

The Mercedes-Benz Eyewear Collection Spring/Summer 2012 contains many new sunglasses and spectacle frames that combine a casual yet elegant design with functional quality at the highest level. The Mercedes star is the central element adorning the sides of every Mercedes-Benz frame. The classy 3D effect is achieved through a number of intricate production steps, some of which are carried out by hand. This gives every pair of glasses in the collection the characteristic Mercedes-Benz look. Developed by Mercedes-Benz and their cooperation partner Rodenstock, the glasses are available now from specialist retailers.

The Mercedes-Benz Eyewear Collection Spring/Summer 2012 covers a broad range of designs, from young & fashionable to comfortable & elegant all the way to exclusive & luxurious. In addition to these, the models of the Mercedes-Benz Eyewear Drivers Edition have been specially developed for long drives. With the exception of models in the shield style, all sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses.

This is an overview of the new models:

Referencing Mercedes-Benz car design, the M4003 polyamide spectacle frame has contoured arms, as do the M3010 and M3011 sunglasses. The Mercedes star on the side adds to the interplay of light and shadow. Different variants with full rims and Nylor half-rims, along with different colour concepts featuring classical shades such as havana and black along with modern, trendy colours like teal, burgundy and sand will delight glasses wearers of every type.

The M2012 to M2015 models reflect the tradition of ultimate technical quality to which both Rodenstock and Mercedes-Benz subscribe: the prescription glasses with their innovative stainless steel arm design are very striking, yet at the same time exceptionally modern and light. Due to the flexibility of the material these glasses do not require spring hinges, so there is nothing to spoil their delicate appearance.

The absolute stars are the M2008, M1017 and M1018 models, a spectacle frame with titanium sheet rim and two sunglasses made from extremely light pure titanium. Stylish rims with a high-set bridge, a special arm design and the integrated hinge milled into the side meet even the highest requirements. Timeless colours such as black, dark brown, titanium grey and gold match this classic look. The two sunglasses M1011 and M1012, made from an ingenious titanium polyamide combination, are the first shield models in this line. Thanks to an innovative design, the arms and nose pads can simply be clicked onto the shield.

New additions to the Mercedes-Benz Eyewear Drivers Edition include the M3006 sunglasses (in a sporty classical style) and the aviator-style M1009 sunglasses. Both are available with Rodenstock SunContrast lenses in green and with polarising lenses in brown. Less reflection and increased contrast mean the eyes remain relaxed for longer and get tired significantly more slowly – a clear safety bonus when driving.

Sunglasses from Mercedes-Benz offer optimal UV protection and comply with international standards DIN EN 1836, ANSI Z 80.3 and AS NZS 1067.

An eye on quality – in car production and for glasses

Mercedes-Benz glasses are subject to the same rigorous testing and quality checks as the company's car production. When creating frames for glasses, quality management starts long before the actual production process, just as it would do for vehicles. Even at the development stage, Rodenstock performs extensive tests on new frames. Every single component of the initial samples is checked thoroughly to ensure it meets quality requirements. Special machines and devices are used to test the components' long-term reliability, for example the stability of the hinge function even after the arms have been folded and unfolded several thousand times. Once a model has gone on sale, a monitoring process kicks in, where every complaint is logged and appropriate optimisation measures are put in place immediately.

About Rodenstock and Mercedes-Benz

Rodenstock and Mercedes-Benz have been licensing partners since 2010. Both companies boast a long, distinguished tradition, the highest quality standards and German engineering par excellence. These two premium brands are always one step ahead of the competition in terms of expertise, technical innovation and ground-breaking design.

Rodenstock is one of the world's leading manufacturers for lenses and frames, operating production sites at 14 locations in 12 countries.

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