by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

REPORT: Daimler is not interested in buying Ducati

As soon as the information on the sale of Ducati came out, speculations of a possible takeover by Daimler emerged. Soon after, we learnt that Audi has reached an agreement with the Italian motorcycle manufacturer to secure the 'first refusal' option. In other words, the Ingolstadt-based carmaker has priority in the acquisition process in case Ducati gets eventually sold.

We discussed this theme and the chances Mercedes-AMG and parent company Daimler have in this business. The consistent marketing partnership between the Affalterbach company and the Italian constructor began back in November 2010, when the partnership was officially announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Up to the moment, a series of joint products have already been released, together with the involvement in advertising and motorsporting activities, through which both entities benefit. 

In a recent interview, a Daimler official denied the Germans are interested in acquiring the biggest stake in Ducati. This news inherently leads us to a logical question: why did Daimler spend an important amount of money on this partnership? The financial situation of Ducati was already known since 2010 and raising visibility for the two brands is a poor argument, we say. There were also intense rumors that Mercedes-AMG plans to unveil its own motorbikes using technical expertise from Ducati as part of a coherent growth plan.

Anyway, this could be a unique chance that might not come in the future and Daimler seems to afford the position of losing it without the blink of an eye. 

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