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SPY: The 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W 205) snagged in Germany

The fifth generation of the C-Class is planned to debut sometime during 2014. Dubbed W 205, the midsized premium limousine is a crucial model in the 2020 growth strategy that has been just recently adopted by Mercedes-Benz. A large volume of the series production for this vehicle will be moved at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, with the rest of the assembly facility remaining at the current location in Bremen.

Development for the future C-Class began during winter 2011/2012, so the prototypes could endure their first-ever cold weather programme, a vital part in the testing of any forthcoming Mercedes-Benz. Along with the rise in temperatures, the camouflaged cars are returning to the already sunny and pleasant Germany as a test vehicle has been lately spotted near company's R&D Center in Stuttgart.

With the new C-Class, Mercedes-Benz targets to deliver the best choice on the market. Styling is essential for any automobile, so the team conducted by reputed designer Prof. Gorden Wagener will take care to deliver an outstanding visual performance. Influence in sketching the lines of the W 205 comes massively from the F 800 Style Research Vehicle (see 1,2,3) premiered in 2010 at the Geneva Motor Show, so expect to see a self-assured, powerful and organic design. The 2014 C-Class will be slightly lengthier compared to the current generation and a lot more balanced. The large front bonnet, doubled by a short overhang, are contrasting the short tail hood and the long rear overhang and thus enhance the general, aerodynamical appearance by making the car look longer than it actually is.

For the cockpit, interior designer have prepared a spectacular, yet user-friendly architecture dominated by organic surfaces such as in the F 800 Style showcar. Little details are known at this moment, but given the fact the future C-Class is set to receive a new infotainment device, the revolutionary @yourCOMAND, the driver and passenger could easily like entering Enterprise space ship when stepping inside the sedan. The bigger exterior measures should translate in head and leg room for the cabin, which will further improve the comfort. Apart from the traditional upscale materials such as leather, sheer metal or fine-essence wood trims, we also expect some very attractive colour combos and, why not, a new type of clever, SF-looking upholstery to make you feel really hi-tech while travelling with the new C-Class. The all-time Mercedes-Benz quality will feel at home in the interior of the W 205, so the premium atmosphere is fully ensured.

The powertrain for the new generation will consist of the new Mercedes Rearwheel Architecture (MRA), which shall first make its official debut on the S-Class (W 222) this autumn. This will bring a substantial improvement in the dynamic capability of the car without affecting the well-known comfortable ride of any Mercedes-Benz model. To get the C-Class going, an entire lineup of frugal engines is specifically being developed at the moment. The brand new diesel-powered and gasoline-running units will feature displacements ranging from 1.8 litres up to 3.5 litre and will display I4 and V6 (and/or I6?) cylinder arrangements. Probably, most of the diesel powerplants will boast BlueTEC technology and a potent, high-end diesel engine is also possible. For the high-end C 350 petrol version, peak output should increase a bit from the current 306 hp. The top C-Class model will be the sporty C 63 AMG that is to use a further modified version of the current 5.5-litre biturbo V8, meaning it will also get an important upgrade in performance. If one is keen to save the planet, we would to like to inform him/her that the W 205 might premiere some plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell green variants, but only after 2015.

For the safety side of things, Mercedes-Benz researchers and engineers are preparing a consistent package of clever assistance systems that will surely make the difference between life and death in the event of a threatening situation. Alongside the well-known solutions such as PRE-SAFE or Collision Prevention Assist, the new C-Class could also be equipped with an optional autonomous driving system that uses a multitude of sensors, cameras and the fourth generation DISTRONIC PLUS radar to steer the car independent from the driver's action at speeds of up to 50 km/h. Moreover, the W 205 will also direct connectivity and communication means to a new level thanks to the addition of the Car-to-X technology, which enables a better interaction with the road, environment and the other cars and thus improves the flow of data and information to your own vehicle.

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