by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

Illustration: New artist impression offers a glimpse of the future Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W 222)

We are not so very far away from the official premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, programmed to happen at Paris, during the Mondial de l'Automobile starting end of September 2012. Apart from the obvious advances the W 222 will bring alongside, the design philosophy adopted for the new car is yet to remain shrouded in mystery until the first pictures of the real car will emerge in the near future. In the last two years, many different computer renditions tried to throw light on this business.

The most accurate, even though initially criticized, is the rendering delivered in 2010 by Larson, the visual artist promoted by German auto magazine Autobild (see HERE). All those that followed were either similar or blatantly distinct (sometimes, rather illusionary). The latest illustration comes from BenzBoost and builds up on the Larson example.

As you may see, the S-Class will boast a classic styling, with an equity regarding powerful and balanced design characteristics. The front end embarks on a new philosophy: the key elements here are the chromed radiator grille, harking back to the traditional predecessors of the 60s and 70s, and the intelligent headlight technology based up on a complex full LED system and an array of radars that scan the road ahead. The front apron has also become more sculptural, baring inspiration from the latest concept cars released by Mercedes-Benz.

While the greenhouse retains its original, rakish architecture, the profile has lost the heavy-bulged wheel arches of the W 221 series and is now boasting a fresh, even approach with simple, yet effective accents. The tail section receives a new pair of LED lights, which are certainly looking mindblowing when they are functioning. The trunk gate and the rear apron feature stronger, highlighted edges that make them stand apart when looked at.

All in all, we can conclude the new S-Class (W 222), this year's and the all-time most important model from Mercedes-Benz, is shaping up really nicely. The fact the new generation will certainly be a worthy successor of the previous series and an upscale replacement for the outgoing Maybach is definitely a winning card for the German constructor, which will rapidly pay off when the new Star officially hits streets in 2013.

Image Credits: BenzBoost

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