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Guest Post: The RENNtech Modified L4P SLR777 - World's Fastest Mercedes-Benz

RENNtech continues to take the Mercedes-Benz SLR to new heights with their RENNtech Modified L4P SLR777. The name is certainly a mouthful, but all we need to know is that their custom SLR features record breaking performance along with stunning visuals. The SLR777 came about via a joint collaboration between Exotics Boutique, MA Carbon, Platinum Motorsport, and Luxury4Play, and the result of their partnership has spawned a creation that’s now known as the fastest Mercedes SLR in the world.

Each company brought their unique expertise to the tableto ensure that every aspect of this one of a kind SLR received the attention it deserves. MA Carbon provided custom carbon fiber interior pieces, complimenting their work was Platinum Motorsport who completed the interior in a remarkable black suede, while also fitting the SLR with 20 inch Agetro M140 Monoblock wheels. Platinum Motorsport then painted the SLR and its Mansory Renovatio bodykit in a new “Liquid White” paint, creating a very clean and sporty look for the SLR777. Of course, most importantly, RENNtech was responsible for the extensive list of performance modifications that are truly the heart and soul of this vehicle.

This is one custom Mercedes where it’s easy to get a sense of the amazing effort and passion that was put into the makeover. No stone was left unturned, while every other Mercedes SLR was left in its dust.

The RENNtech powered SLR took to the quarter mile track earlier this year and posted a deadly fast time of 9.76 seconds at 140.8 mph, making it the fastest Mercedes-Benz powered Mercedes on the planet.

With world records already in-hand RENNtech turned itself for competition, keen on breaking its own record. Again, they were successful, most recently running the ¼ in 9.68 seconds at 142 mph. But, I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear from RENNtech as there are rumblings that they have ambitions to put their SLR into the coveted eight-second category.

The modifications made to the SLR include all of the following:

RENNTECH SLR Performance Upgrades

-ECU Upgrade
-Sports Catalytic Exhaust Upgrade
-Stainless Sport Sound and Performance SLR Mufflers
-Stainless Steel Headers

Developed and tested in-house, RENNtech headers are hand built from mandrel-bent seamless tubing.These headers offer a distinctive and alluring sound when compared to the stock header, while also increasing performance.

The new intercooler kit improves flow to an impressive 8.7 G.P.M. @ 11.6 P.S.I., more than doubling the flow of the OEM unit which stands at 3.00 G.P.M.

RENNTECH SLR Transmission Cooling Track Kit
-CNC machined, Larger Transmission Oil Pan
-Transmission Oil Pump
-Large Transmission Radiator

RENNTECH Motor Sport Suspension Package 4

-Racing Coilovers with 3 way adjustability and remote reservoir (for better cooling)
-Race technology shocks
Custom Front Hydraulic Lift kit with Remote
-The SLR777 sits fairly low to the ground, thus the HLS 2 (Hydraulic Lift System) was installed to provide additional road clearance. The HLS 2 works by raising the front axle suspension via the push of a button, creating an additional 45 mm of clearance.

RENNTECH Mercedes 722.6 Five Speed Transmission upgrade

-The SLR777 boast a significant improvement over the stock SLR in terms of horsepower, making it of crucial importance that the stock driveline components be upgraded properly to accommodate the additional output. RENNtech’s modifications to the driveline, in particular to the transmission, help ensure that the SLR continues to operate in a reliable manner, while also transferring the extreme power without any transmission slippage. RENNtech improved the internals, enhancing their mechanical integrity and thus delivering a system with improved shift response, shift timing and greater drivability under extreme conditions without sacrificing around town comfort. The transmission is reassembled using all new gaskets, seals, o-rings, electrical connectors as well as a new transmission pan filter.

RENNTECH Performance differential, Super-Lock LSD

-Functions as a traditional open differential in low and normal-load situations, transforming smoothly into a 100% full lock as loads rise.

RENNTECH SLR Performance Brakes

-16.2″ Front Brakes, 8 piston calipers
-14.2″ Rear Brakes
-High-Performance Brake Pads
-Braided Steel Lines (front and rear)

Author: Jay Adams

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