by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

SPY: You are invited to take a look inside the 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W 222)

After having seen the first finished cues of the dashboard on the S-Class during a photo shoot, new shots revealing the styling of the interior have just emerged on the internet. The prototype was being tested out in Germany, and at one time, the driver was extremely careful and handsome with the spy photographers and let them take some snapshots of the luxurious dashboard.

While the present W 221 took a more cold approach regarding the interior, the new W 222 generation series is mixing several influences seen in the car industry in order to display an outstanding, coherent and intuitive design direction for the dashboard. The key visual elements we identified are: the digital instrument cluster, which also gathers the large LCD screen for the @yourCOMAND infotainment system, the rounded, minimalist center console sporting four chromed air vents, the comfortable front armrest and the management area for the telematics which includes the well-known rotary controller and several quick-use buttons to ease navigation and access.

What's more - Mercedes-Benz designers made serious expenses implementing a new range of high-end quality materials, which makes the passenger shuttle of the new S-Class the richest and most refined in the automotive world. The softened, curvaceous architecture of the dashboard creates the effect that all the commands are specifically encompassing the driver like in a jet-fighter cockpit. Multiple types of leather upholstery (perforated, 'Nappa' or 'Vienna') in various colour combinations, a consistent package of trims comprising fine-essence wood and metal and foam-injected plastic surfaces further add up to the desired, wellness atmosphere.

Image Credits: Autoevolution

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