by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

AMG Performance 50: Guessing the future eight new performance Mercedes-Benz models

The 'family photo' included in the press kit for the 45th anniversary of AMG showcases the current portfolio of the Affalterbach firm, but it also reveals eight new models that shall be added the next five years. As the cars are hidden under silver, AMG-branded covers, the curiosity factor grows exponentially. So we have decided to give it a try and guess which new cars is Mercedes-AMG talking about. You can also express your own opinions on this subject by posting your comments.

Not an entirely a new addition in terms of market segment, but an all new generation - this is clearly the future S-Class AMG (W 222). Unique silhouette and the traditional upright Mercedes-Benz grille are our key arguments for this choice.

The dropping roofline and the longer body hint at the upcoming CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake (X 218)

This appears to be a mid-sized limousine. The traditional grille and the Star logo sitting on the engine bonnet tell us this could be the next C-Class AMG variant (W 205).

Car 1 - Look at the long bonnet and the impressive grille that sketch under the cover: this is most certainly the 2015 SLC AMG supercar.

Car 2 - Again, a rather sedan-ish architecture, but somehow sportier and coupe-ish. This could as well be the forthcoming CLA 25 AMG or the 2015 C-Coupe AMG (C 205).

Car 3 - The angle is a bit confusing (SUV or MPV?), but we believe this has more chances of being the 2014 GLA 45 AMG (X 156) than a current generation B-Class AMG (W 246). The radiator grille looks to be more upright and the entire front fascia feels more solid and imposing.

Car 4 - One very boxy, rugged shape and very specific grille and front apron: this is the first-ever GLK-Class AMG (X 204).

Car 5 - Not hard at all: the hatchback body signals the advent of the new A 45 AMG.

Some "X-rayed" photos for a better analysis and comparison:

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