by Adrian-Liviu Dorofte

DIAPORAMA: The G-Class Professional is your fun machine for extreme offroading

More than 30 years passed since it first went out on streets and even though it was substantially adapted for everyday use in the last decade, Mercedes-Benz fought to preserve the G-Class for what it originally represents: the Pikes Peak of 4x4 engineering. The Stuttgart-based constructor offers the Professional model which is eminently suitable for mountaineering/special rescue services, as well as for private individuals looking for hardcore offroad adventures.

The G-Professional is basically a slightly modernized W 461 generation G-Class. This somewhat stripped-out, more practically-oriented version focuses on the robustness and reliability of the G-Class and it has been specifically created to operate in rugged terrain to help during extreme operations and expeditions.

Image Credits: Daimler AG

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4elovek said...

звиздец !какая автомобиля классная .по-больше бы таких на украине !

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