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Guest Post: An Easy Guide to Updating Your GPS with the Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVD

If you own a Mercedes-Benz car which comes with the in-dashboard GPS Mercedes-Benz navigation system then you might find from time to time that it is not as accurate as it was when you first purchased the car.  This is down to the fact that the maps (supplied by the Navteq Company) will become out of date regularly due to changes occurring on the road network. This includes things such as new roads being built, highway changes, and businesses moving addresses. In fact, your Mercedes-Benz navigation system will never be truly up to date due to the ever-changing nature of the nation’s roads, but there is one thing you can do to make sure that they are as up to date as possible – which is to update the system with a new Navteq navigation DVD. 

New Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVD Released for 2012

Navteq released the Mercedes-Benz 2012 Navigation DVD earlier in the year, and it comes with 20,000 new miles worth of road (if you are a United States user) as well as millions of updated points of interest files. The latest Mercedes navigation update does not come cheap, and can sometimes retail over two hundred dollars depending on which class of Mercedes-Benz you drive. Below is a list of vehicles that can have the GPS maps updated with the 2012 DVD.

·        - C-Class (2005 onwards)

·        - CLK-Class (2005 onwards)

·        - CLS-Class (2006 onwards)

·        - E-Class (2004 onwards)

·        G-Class (2007 onwards)

·        - M-Class (2000 onwards)

·         R-Class (2006 onwards)

·         S-Class (2004 onwards)

·         SLK-Class (2005 onwards)

How to Update Your Mercedes-Benz with New Maps

In order to update your Mercedes-Benz Navigation System you will need to visit the official Navteq website and order your new DVD online. The shopping system is easy to use as you simply select the model and year of your vehicle, and can then add the correct DVD to your shopping cart. Typically a new Mercedes Navteq DVD will take around 7 working days to arrive.  Once you are in possession of your new GPS map updates disc then it is easy to install. This is what you do (works for most classes):

1. If your existing Mercedes-Navigation DVD is already in the disc drive then eject it and insert your new 2012 disc.

2. On most models the console should now ask you whether you wish to update the GPS maps, so make sure that you click YES to confirm.

3. Next you will need to type in your unique Navteq customer authentication code. This can be found on the packaging that came with the disc when sent to you by Navteq (so don’t lose it!).

4. The new GPS maps should now start to install. Make sure that you do not turn the system off whilst the navigation upgrade is happening as this could lead to a corrupted install.

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