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Guest Post: Miami Fan “Heats Up” a 1983 Mercedes-Benz

You love them or you hate them, the Miami Heat that is. And because LeBron James and the Heat finally won an NBA Championship, this seems to be more true now than ever before. In the last few games at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Heat fans have come out en masse to support their hometown team, a rarity in a city known for its less than dedicated fans. Though Heat fanatic Martin Reese of Daytona Beach was unfortunately not be able to get a seat for any of the games, according to the Orlando Sentinel’s website, the former teacher turned artist definitely brought his talents to South Beach for the NBA Finals.

Mr. Reese is the proud owner of a 1983 Mercedes-Benz, which he has turned into a “Heat-mobile.” The Heat fanaticwas spotted riding around Miami in his Benz around during the Finals taking pictures with fans and showing off his new and improved ride. With Miami’s logo painted on the hood, LeBron James painted on the trunk, and caricatures of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh adorning the sides, Reese and his elderly Mercedeswere hard to miss.

Reese says the paint job took him about 100 hours to complete, and he also pointed out that it wasn’t the car’s first makeover. When Pittsburgh played Green Bay in the 2011 Super Bowl, Reese decked the Benz out to support his beloved Steelers and drove it to the game in Dallas. Though the car had Troy Polamlu’s infamous locks painted on the trunk and was nicknamed “The Immaculate Mercedes,” Pittsburgh ultimately fell to Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. Because I’ve been a closet Oklahoma City fan since the Bulls were eliminated, I am disappointed if the samefate did not await LeBron James and the Heat this year.

Author: Brittany Cermak

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