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The Mercedes-Benz 600 Representative Limousine: Queen Elizabeth II arrives in Germany in 1965

The exhibition space Collection 4 "Gallery of Names" at the Mercedes-Benz Museum shows prominent clients and owners. Also included: the Mercedes-Benz Type 600 representative vehicle, which was chauffeured in Germany during the visit of Queen Elizabeth II in 1965. The residence used by the British monarch during her stay in Stuttgart on the 24th of May 1965 remains a legend that has sprung up around numerous anecdotes. The South West German Radio (SWR) marked the 60th Jubilee of the Queen in a televised film presenting the Mercedes-Benz 600 in search of clues, aired on the 21st of May 2012.

"We are very pleased that SWR managed to cast the film using a Mercedes-Benz 600 Landaulet from our collection. We were thus able to leave the Mercedes-Benz 600 in its rightful place. This special-protection version with higher roof is unique. For over 30 years, it offered complete security for high-ranking officials and official guests of the federal government, including the Queen. Since its completion in 1965, the car was owned by the company and borrowed when needed to the German federal government," said Michael Bock, head of Mercedes-Benz Classic.

The film produced by SWR was entitled "Jubilee, Queen and Wibele. The British Queen in Baden-Württemberg ", and got broadcasted on the 21th of May 2012 from 18.15 bis 18.45. The Landaulet from the collection of Mercedes-Benz Classic was the common thread to talk about the history and anecdotes around the trip. The main shooting spots during the voyage of the Queen in the 600, accompanied by Prime Minister Kurt Georg Kiesinger were Stuttgart's main railway station, the New Castle, the television tower and the city of Marbach Schiller. In 1965, the state limousine seen in the recordings grabbed much public attention.

Introduced in September 1963 at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, the Mercedes-Benz Type 600 was a representative vehicle par excellence. The V8 fuel injection engine, with a total displacement of 6.3 liter engine, generated a peak output of 250 hp (184 kW). The new top model was also equipped with an automatic transmission and other features, ensuring the highest level of technology . The 600 was available as a sedan, a Pullman limousine and a Pullman Landaulet. The basic configuration was luxurious and comprised: air suspension, power steering, electronic heating and ventilation system and hydraulically adjustable seats in the entire vehicle. Any special request of the prominent clients could be met: whether they wanted one or more mini-bars in the interior, television, or a long list of individual colors - almost everything was available in the 600. In the 18-year production period from 1963 to 1981, 2677 units of this spectacular Mercedes-Benz exclusive car were assembled.
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